CCAT Test Report

Welcome to the CCAT test report page.

When you take the CCAT or any other Criteria Corp. test, your exam results and a full profile report are sent to your employer. Your exam performance is compared to the HireSelect database, as well as to the results of the other candidates for the position you are applying for, allowing the recruiter to decide which profile best matches the relevant job.

The test report contains two pages divided into different categories.

Have a look at a sample CCAT Test report.

Short Description of the Test

CCAT Score Report: A Short Description of the Test

Raw Score and Percentile

A summary of your results containing your raw score and the percentile you are found within.

CCAT Score Report: Results Summary

The raw score is the numbers of answers you got right. The Percentile ranking lets you know in which position your score is compared to all the other CCAT test takers.

Here, the candidate got a raw score of 24 correct answers out of 50. The 50 percentile means that he scored better than 50% of all the other candidates.

A graph representing your raw score:

CCAT Score Report: A Graph Representing The Raw Score


Details of your results in the three different categories: spatial reasoning, verbal ability, and math & logic.

CCAT Score Report: Sub-Scores

The scores you receive in each of these sections are percentiles, that is, they indicate your score in comparison with the other candidates who took the same test. The results of the sub-scores presented in this example are:

  • 59 = your score is better than 59% of the other test takers in the spatial reasoning category.
  • 63 = your score is better than 63% of the other test takers in the verbal ability category.
  • 25 = your score is better than 25% of the other test takers in the math & logic category.

Suggested CCAT Score Ranges by Position

Finally, you will find a list of the various positions, their corresponding score ranges, and your position in relation to each one of them, according to the database suggested by HireSelect. Next to each position, you will find a checkbox showing you if your results are within the range required for this specific position or not.

Have a look at a sample CCAT Test report.

PositionsScore Rranges
Senior Manager and VP29-42
Financial Analyst and Advisor23-38
Computer Programmer and Software Engineer23-40
Customer Service Representative18-32
Front Desk and Reception18-30
Product Manager26-41
Operations Manager22-40
Lawyer and Attorney29-42
Network Administrator23-37
Administrative Assistant and Clerical20-39
Project Manager22-37
Accounting and Finance24-39
Sales Representative21-35
Loan Officer24-38
Sales Manager23-37
Finance Manager21-40
Production Manager and Supervisor18-34
Store Manager20-37

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